Wolftech Integrates with LiveU for efficient camera to cloud synergy

Wolftech is pleased to announce its collaboration with LiveU, a global frontrunner in IP video networks. This partnership brings forth a highly requested integration, addressing the needs of our forward-thinking customers.

LiveU’s dedication to simplifying workflows and ensuring optimised, flexible IP video networks aligns perfectly with our goals at Wolftech. This integration follows on from an existing similar integration conducted with Sony C3Portal, where users can book individual units in the Wolftech News planning tool and seamlessly retrieve video clips instantaneously & directly into the related story the unit is assigned to.

One of the significant benefits of this collaboration is the seamless content integration. LiveU’s robust technology allows users to assign live feeds directly to Wolftech stories using the unique StoryID. This not only streamlines the process but ensures that the feeds are automatically recorded in LiveU Ingest, significantly improving content sourcing. Furthermore the valuable integration makes for an optimised workflow, enabling users to swiftly allocate LiveU units to stories. 

This provides an efficient process for booking LiveU units directly to a story, retrieving the marked feeds from LiveU for that story, and dragging them onto the Wolftech story’s board. It ultimately closes the loop on the entire task assignment and content usage process. 

This efficiency reduces administrative tasks, granting users more time to channel their energies into content creation. 

By harnessing the synergy of both platforms, this integration underscores our commitment to delivering an elevated, efficient, and reliable content creation experience for our users. We are excited to see the immediate benefits this new integration will deliver our customers.