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Wolftech Production

Wolftech Production is a web-based planning tool that simplifies long-form productions with the handling of all resources, costs and publishing plans. Perfect for all kinds of media organizations and production houses.

Integrated system

Create and collaborate more efficiently than ever with quick access to your story media, in-app previews, automated tagging, easy rights management and simple ingest workflows. Streamline production with MAM system, finance, and HR integration for a smooth and easy workflow.

Analyze your data

With a complete production planning system it is very easy to analyze all data needed based on your role in the organization. This will become even easier with our new AI driven analytics platform that is coming very soon.

All-in-one tool

Wolftech uniquely merges short and long-form production planning, enabling you to swiftly turn stories into productions. Save significant amounts of time and streamline the collaboration process by sharing organisation's resources, media, research and know-how, to deliver best in class content.

Task Compliance

The consequences and costly implications of tasks or projects running beyond deadline can have severe flow-on effects. Maintain clear visibility of the project overview and communication with production.

Content guidance

Navigate regulatory compliance with ease. Enable requests for R&C, Legal, or Risk Management. Support editorial teams from revisions to publishing. Utilize efficient guidance tracking, communication tools, logs, and real-time updates for informed decisions and content integrity.


Gift your organization with a real collaboration tool and move away from working in Silos with different tools that are not connected. Move forward an enhanced overview and ensure that both time and costs on your projects are met.

A structure of long-form

Templating productions

Templating your production makes the process of establishing new productions much more efficient. It also ensures that your predetermined expectations regarding timing, required resources and communication can be utilized for future productions.

Greenlight process

Our flexible greenlight process ensures that all necessary metadata and other critical information required to greenlight a production is fulfilled, without allowing for any missing elements.

Track your progress

Track all your productions and maintain a clear overview of all tasks based on what your responsibility is across your whole organization. Closely follow the progress and statuses to ensure you remain on top of the project.

Your resources: Assign. Confirm. Notify

Our easy to use booking module eliminates the need for any supplementary booking tool as it is an incorporated element of the planning tool. As advanced as it is, the booking module is simple to navigate no matter how complex you wish to use it. This ensures all users will be happy to adopt our booking functionality into their standard daily activity.

Control of your costs

With an integrated system combining booking and planning you can easily gain full control of costs on your stories.

Connect, collaborate and create

Discover and manage your talent network effortlessly with visual Talent Profiles. Our intuitive and customisable platform uniquely unifies your organisation’s talent and resources. Seamlessly search and filter through your pool of freelancers, guests, and select employees based on location, track record, and more. Rest assured, sensitive data remains protected with selective access to talent profiles or specific fields. Managing your talent has never been easier.

Plan all your productions and publishing

Production provides you with the unique ability to combine short-form & long-form planning seamlessly all in the one tool. It also gives you a great overview of all publishing to social media and other platforms.

A pitch lifecycle

Production guides you from a pitch for a production through the choice of production types, background research, booking of resources and planning of all your deliveries.

Powerful integration platform

We understand you have legacy systems. That’s why we’ve developed a state-of-the-art integration platform to provide a seamless transition from antiquated to cutting-edge. For enhanced flexibility, we’ve made it possible to install our integration system as a hybrid solution. Your organisation can run Wolftech in the cloud while keeping the integration platform on-premise. The benefits? A straight-forward, secure and simple communication between internal production systems and the cloud. Transitioning to a new workflow has never been easier.
Delivery platforms
  • iNews, Mosart, teleprompters and generic MOS devices
  • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Apple News, Video Library
Media ingest
  • Sony C3 Portal
  • LiveU
  • Avid Capture
Booking and scheduling systems
  • ScheduAll, Dzjintonik
MAM & storage
  • AWS S3, Elastic Transcoder, SNS/SQS
  • Arvato MediaPortal, Avid Interplay, Levels Beyond Reach Engine, Vizrt VizOne
  • Sony XDCAM
  • FTP and FS watchfolders

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