Release your Journalists to Create & Collaborate

Wolftech News

Wolftech News is a story-centric workflow management system that stimulates creativity and collaboration. Work efficiently, reduce costs, manage stories and guide an idea from initial fact-finding through to delivering content to multi-platform publishing.

Save time

We want you to spend more time on story creation, research and getting things published rather than administration and redundant communication. Wolftech News makes you work faster.

An end-to-end solution

Use Wolftech Live as a rundown or your existing rundown solution to create efficiencies and seamless workflows between the planning system in the cloud and rundown on-premise.


Ensure total control of your team and efficient use of all resources by making connections between stories, equipment and personnel to give you the whole picture.

Security & cloud-first

As a web-based tool, all you need is a web browser or mobile app to take advantage. Our system could run as a pure SaaS solution or as a single tenant solution within your own cloud infrastructure. This means we securely deliver software and updates, providing the client with full control.

Content guidance

Navigate regulatory compliance with ease. Enable requests for R&C, Legal, or Risk Management. Support editorial teams from revisions to publishing. Utilize efficient guidance tracking, communication tools, logs, and real-time updates for informed decisions and content integrity.

All-in-one solution

Traditional news work utilizes many tools, for fairly basic tasks. News lets you focus on story creation with one common collaboration tool, allowing journalists to operate with fewer tools. Plan, book resources and search feeds, all in one place.

Work from anywhere

We know that you need to be able to work from anywhere at any time. News is optimized for smartphones and tablets, as well as a full desktop web experience. The mobile app provides your team with the same supreme functionality to craft engaging stories on the go.

Seamless team collaboration

Elevate teamwork with advanced, yet familiar centralized communication. Dedicated chat within stories and productions with @mentions, slug comments, threads and notifications. Complete communication overview on approval workflows. Experience the power of seamless communication, making your newsroom more connected and efficient than ever.

Your resources: Assign. Confirm. Notify

Our easy to use booking module eliminates the need for any supplementary booking tool as it is an incorporated element of the planning tool. As advanced as it is, the booking module is simple to navigate no matter how complex you wish to use it. This ensures all users will be happy to adopt our booking functionality into their standard daily activity.

Control of your costs

With an integrated system combining booking and planning you can easily gain full control of costs on your stories.

Craft stories swiftly from Feeds

Create stories quickly from Feeds, with many official news feeds to search from – including both calendar and news feeds. Our feeds module can be integrated with external sources like Social Media, official news feed sources & official calendars, mail systems & Sony CI.

News war room at your fingertips

Find nearest resources and respond swiftly to an event, while the distance and arrival time to any position is automatically calculated, giving you a significant advantage in winning the news battle.

Leverage the power of AI

Elevate your productive and analytical capacity by riding the AI wave in your day to day workflow. Writer’s block? AI. Fact checking? AI. Actionable data analysis? AI. That’s just scratching the surface.

Powerful integration platform

We understand you have legacy systems. That’s why we’ve developed a state-of-the-art integration platform to provide a seamless transition from antiquated to cutting-edge. For enhanced flexibility, we’ve made it possible to install our integration system as a hybrid solution. Your organisation can run Wolftech in the cloud while keeping the integration platform on-premise. The benefits? A straight-forward, secure and simple communication between internal production systems and the cloud. Transitioning to a new workflow has never been easier.

Delivery platforms
  • iNews, Mosart, teleprompters and generic MOS devices
  • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Apple News, Video Library
  • Facebook, Twitter, RSS, XML
  • Email
  • Sony CI
Booking and scheduling systems
  • ScheduAll, Dzjintonik
MAM & storage
  • AWS S3, Elastic Transcoder, SNS/SQS
  • Email servers (EWS and IMAP4)
  • Arvato MediaPortal, Avid Interplay, Levels Beyond Reach Engine, Vizrt VizOne
  • Sony XDCAM
  • FTP and FS watchfolders

Step into the future of efficient and collaborative news planning

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