Vidispine – An Arvato Systems Brand & Wolftech: New Partnership Announcement

Wolftech is excited to unveil our latest integration with VidiCore, a highly flexible and scalable engine for managing, organising, indexing, and transforming assets into distributable content and part of Vidispine’s VidiNet portfolio.

This collaboration exemplifies our dedication to enhancing the user experience in our story-centric approach to media and broadcasting.

Media Services from Arvato Systems’ Vidispine Portfolio have garnered recognition from esteemed organisations like CBC/Radio-Canada as a strategic partner. Vidispine is a renowned brand, and VidiCore stands as their premier MAM product.

User Benefits from the Integration:

The integration offers a seamless video content connection, allowing users to automatically create story media collections on greenlight, tagged with the correct story planning metadata, ready for ingest.

As media comes from the field, users can immediately access the story content stored in the MAM right within the Wolftech story panel. No more navigating to find your content.

In addition, you will be able to effortlessly search and link to your story other assets across your entire organisation without leaving the application. The wolftech MAM search leverages story planning criteria for increased searchability.

This flow ensures a fluid transition from creation to storage, and vice versa, enhancing the overall content management process.

Furthermore, the VidiNet portfolio provides comprehensive media object support, catering to various content types from camera cards to editing projects. This holistic approach ensures that all content types are seamlessly integrated, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity.

For those who rely on Adobe Premiere for their editing needs, Vidispine offers best-in-class integration. Users can benefit from proxy streaming and growing file support, even on platforms like S3, significantly enhancing editing workflows and reducing time spent on content retrieval.

In addition, VidiNet’s solutions are strongly geared towards possible customization. With open APIs and SDKs, including options for custom UIs, users are empowered to tailor the system to their unique needs. This offers unparalleled flexibility, ensuring that the platform aligns with individual workflow requirements.

Our integration with the VidiNet portfolio ‘s marks yet another pivotal advancement in our commitment to deliver on the workflow requirements of our customers and users. By seamlessly intertwining video content and stories within Wolftech, we’re establishing a new gold standard for story-centric content creation.