Factiverse & Wolftech: New Partnership Announcement

As Generative AI becomes a household name, the challenges of authenticity and credibility in online information are increasingly affecting publishers, media companies and many other industries. How are you preparing for the post-AI information landscape? 

Automated fact-checking and claim detection

Together with the Norwegian company Factiverse, Wolftech users will soon have access to the AI Editor integration. It allows you to quickly detect controversial claims in your text, perform live searches in public data and highlight the most credible sources supporting or disputing the specific claims.

– Instant, in-depth fact-checking without leaving the Wolftech platform.

– Quickly find supporting and disputing evidence.

– Automatic claim-detection for faster workflows.

The API can easily be customized and tweaked to suit your specific needs, whether you are a broadcaster or a smaller media company working in Wolftech News. 

We’re excited about the collaboration and our mutual focus of assisting high-quality content producers in their important work. Factiverse will be joining the IBC booth at this year’s IBC in Amsterdam. 

Hope to see you there!