Wolftech Announces Integration with Dataminr

Wolftech is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Dataminr, the leading AI platform for real-time event detection. This integration streamlines the process of discovering the earliest possible indications of breaking news.

Enhancing News Reporting Capabilities

The integration of Dataminr’s advanced event detection technology into Wolftech’s comprehensive media management system offers a unique synergy to journalists by enabling them to identify emerging stories, receive immediate updates on unfolding situations, and respond to breaking news with unprecedented speed.

Key Advantages of the Integration

The integration of Dataminr into Wolftech’s system offers several significant benefits:

1. Real-Time Reporting: This feature enables journalists to discover events as they occur, thereby providing a competitive edge in news reporting.

2. Richer Context: The integration provides both global and hyperlocal content, offering valuable context that enhances your understanding of events.

3. Rapid Response: The point of interest map view allows journalists to locate breaking news quickly and assign the nearest teams in a matter of seconds.

4. Story-Centric Alerts: Wolftech’s story-centric system fosters swift responses to alerts, keeping all key players informed and reactive in real-time.

5. Seamless Integration: The integration enhances the efficiency of newsroom workflows by delivering alerts through desktop or mobile applications.

Relied Upon by Industry Leaders

Count on two companies that are trusted by renowned media brands worldwide. The cutting-edge integration significantly amplifies the functionality of the Wolftech suite, comprising News, Production, and LIVE modules. By embedding real-time information directly into the workflow, it empowers journalists to focus on what is fundamentally important – creating compelling stories and broadcasting them across multiple platforms. This sentiment resonates with journalists in more than 1,500 newsrooms across 90 countries.

Our Dedication to Innovation

Wolftech is dedicated to driving innovation in the media industry. Together with Dataminr, we are transforming the news reporting process, equipping media professionals with the tools they need to stay at the forefront of an ever-evolving landscape.

We invite you to join us in this exciting new chapter of news reporting with Wolftech and Dataminr.