Future Week 2022 – Media City Bergen

In early June Wolftech Director of Research & Innovation, Sergej Stoppel PHD, delivered two talks at the exciting Media City Bergen event – Future Week 2022.

There were many interesting insights unveiled into the future of technology in our industry that will ultimately propel us into a new era.

Sergej specifically gave a presentation on how to avoid miscommunication in data journalism and provided a tangible measure on how to evaluate data visualizations. Read a brief summary of his talk below:

Especially in recent years, we associate misinformation with fake news, but often misinformation arises from bad data communication. While data in itself appears to be objective and precise, its presentation, framing and comparisons can be used to spin different narratives, lead to different insights and thus decision making.

Deliberately or not, even experts can fail when communicating their data. In this talk we analyse historic examples of data miscommunication, identify some of the commonly made mistakes, and finally discuss a framework to help you avoid these mistakes.