AI principles at Wolftech

Commitment to Public and Customer Interests

Wolftech is dedicated to harnessing Generative AI to enhance its public mission and deliver exceptional value to audiences. The company is committed to addressing challenges posed by Generative AI in the media industry, such as maintaining trust, protecting copyrights, and facilitating content discovery.

Transparency, Verification and Authorship

Wolftech upholds transparency in the use of AI. Users are always encouraged to check and verify the results from AI algorithms. Wolftech ensures that users remain in control and that responsibility for any content rests with a human, thereby maintaining accountability and clarity of authorship.

Enhancing Creativity and Efficiency

Wolftech leverages AI to assist in laborious and time-intensive tasks not substitute creative processes. The company prioritizes talent and creativity, aiming to complement rather than replicate or replace human ingenuity. Wolftech empowers clients to deliver authentic storytelling, supported by top-tier reporters, journalists, writers, and broadcasters.

Collaboration for Industry Advancement

Wolftech actively collaborates with broadcasters to explore AI solutions that offer substantial benefits industry-wide, fostering innovation and shared growth.

Responsible Use of Information

Wolftech is committed to ethical AI practices and does not engage in or deliver AI solutions that could misuse personal or sensitive information, including unpublished materials. We always develop solutions that ensure the data integrity and protection for our clients.

Proactive Media Verification

Wolftech adopts a proactive stance in media verification. We implement solutions like C2PA for image provenance and content authenticity, as well as AI for expedited fact-checking, prioritizing the integrity of broadcaster organizations.

Fostering Ethical AI Development and Usage

Wolftech is dedicated to contributing positively to the evolution of ethical AI practices. The company actively participates in industry discussions, policy development, and research initiatives to shape a responsible AI landscape that respects user privacy, user autonomy, promotes fairness, and avoids biases. This commitment ensures that Wolftech’s AI solutions remain at the forefront of ethical standards, aligning with the broader goals of trust and transparency in the media sector.

Human-Centric AI Development

In our workflow design and implementation, Wolftech rigorously integrates human testing and validation. This ensures the reliability and trustworthiness of our AI solutions. Our client’s trust in our operation is our most valuable asset and will always come first.


This text is a collaborative effort, combining the insights and expertise of our team with the advanced capabilities of a fine tuned version of GPT-4. It has been carefully reviewed by our team to ensure its quality and relevance.