Vice join Wolftech Webinar

Discover how Vice Media are leading the way for contemporary story and production planning.

Wolftech invites you to peek into the future of Production planning with the unveiling of our new product – Wolftech Production – which is built on top of our existing Wolftech News platform. 

Our product assists both News and Sports broadcasters but also those that are focusing purely on the entertainment aspect to garner superior and more efficient workflows and planning.

Hear from Vice Media’s Director of Production & Media Workflows on how Vice, a forward thinking company within the news and entertainment production space, will enhance their media planning, gain better cost control and utilize their resources more effectively with our new module. 

Vice will lead the Webinar and discuss the following key elements:

  • Global Resource pool enabling shared services
  • From Pitch to delivery, managing all content types – Global overview
  • Integrated system – Publishing, MAM & Video Library
  • Flexible yet Secure Permission architecture
  • Finance Overview – cost control

Don’t miss out and be sure to register for the webinar on Wednesday April 14th.

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