SWR has chosen Wolftech News

Thum + Mahr integrates Wolftech News as SWR‘s planning tool. The projects marks the beginning of a prosperous relationship between Wolftech Broadcast Solutions and Thum + Mahr.

We proudly announce that SWR has chosen Wolftech News as their future planning tool. Arne Berven (CEO at Wolftech) is excited about the integration of Wolftech’s tool with SWR’s complex existing systems. “SWR went out to the market with specifications seeking the best planning system for its multimedia content on all platforms. Looking for a tool with the greatest fit, Wolftech was ultimately chosen as the right solution. In order to deliver an all-in-one tool alongside our partner Thum+Mahr, we will develop custom-fit pieces to deliver the optimal solution for their users. We are tremendously eager to work on this project with SWR to secure a fantastic outcome for everyone involved.”

Wolftech and Thum+Mahr establish a prosperous partnership

The project is the beginning of a trustful relationship between Wolftech, their valued technical integration partner Thum+Mahr and SWR. “We are proud to have won this forward-thinking project at SWR. Together with our technology partner Wolftech, we will realize this project.”, says Stefan Mertens (CSO at Thum+Mahr). “It’s an unbeatable combination: Intelligent, forward-thinking SaaS solutions in the cloud by Wolftech are paired with reliable project management and professional solution design from Thum+Mahr. Together, we will perform as a forward-thinking power couple. Be ready for industry-shaping breakthroughs and some surprises within the media landscape.”