MediaFutures welcomes Wolftech Broadcast Solutions as new partner

We start the year with the news that we will be joining the SFI MediaFutures: Research Centre for Responsible Media Technology & Innovation as a full partner. This is a brilliant initiative and one of the largest research centres in Europe.

We are eager to be involved and proud to have our Director of Research & Innovation – Sergej Stoppel, Ph.D. to be on the steering board as we contribute to groundbreaking research.

The centre develops advanced new media technology for responsible and effective media user engagement, media content production, media content interaction and accessibility. Wolftech in particular is involved in two work packages, WP3 Media Content Production and Analysis and WP4 Media Content Interaction & Accessibility.

We look forward to the opportunity to both contribute and ultimately realise tangible outcomes and solutions that can be utilised in the media industry in the future.