Enhancing Live Production: Wolftech’s Venture into LPX Integration

In the realm of media and broadcasting technology, collaboration and innovation stand as pillars of progress. Recently, a striking example of these principles came to light at the DPP Live Production Exchange (LPX) Hackathon, where a team comprising professionals from Wolftech, including Eirik Blakstad and Sergej Stoppel, alongside counterparts from the BBC, demonstrated exceptional synergy and technical prowess.

The DPP LPX Hackathon is not merely a competition; it represents a crucible for forging advancements in media production. Participants are tasked with creating solutions that bolster the efficiency and efficacy of live production workflows. This year, the spotlight was on harmonizing LPX technologies with prevailing broadcast infrastructures, a challenge that addresses a significant industry pivot: the migration of live production to cloud-native environments and the widespread adoption of IP video transport.

The LPX initiative, spearheaded by the DPP and supported by notable entities like Reuters, Arqiva, and Warner Bros Discovery, seeks to mitigate the manual labor involved in scheduling and broadcasting live feeds. By fostering a universal framework that simplifies live production metadata and workflow automation through open APIs, LPX is pivotal for broadcasters aiming to enhance operational efficiencies and leverage cloud and IP production technologies to their fullest potential.

Wolftech’s Erik Blakstad and Sergej Stoppel with the winning proposition.

Against this backdrop, the “Code Howlers,” a dynamic alliance between Wolftech and the BBC, emerged with a solution that exemplifies the potential of LPX integration, resulting in the team taking out first prize in the hackathon. Their innovative approach, focusing on usability for journalists and change management, manifested in a seamless process within Wolftech’s platform for managing and transitioning live events into narrative stories. This not only underscores the team’s technical acumen but also their holistic understanding of live production’s evolving landscape.

Our involvement and success at the DPP LPX Hackathon underscore Wolftech’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, particularly as an early adopter and developer within the LPX domain. This commitment is not about accolades; it’s about embracing change and working collaboratively with our customers and partners to navigate the complexities of modern broadcasting.

The importance of LPX for broadcasters cannot be overstated. As the industry leans increasingly towards cloud-based solutions and IP video, the need for standardized, automated workflows becomes critical. By integrating LPX’s principles and technologies, broadcasters can achieve a significant reduction in manual operations, leading to more streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective production processes.

In conclusion, our journey with LPX and live production is ongoing. The insights and experiences gained from the hackathon will fuel further innovation and collaboration, aligning with our vision to provide the media industry with solutions that are not only innovative but also intuitive and user-centric. We look forward to continuing this journey, shaping the future of live production in concert with our partners and the broader broadcasting community.