Wolftech Sports

Easy sports production

Sports is not only the major leagues and international events. It is what happens in your local area, on all levels and for all ages. Wolftech Sports gives you the opportunity to get these events into the family living rooms in a cost-effective way.

Reach your audience

Traditional sport event production, output and delivery to your audience is complicated, expensive and involves large teams. We want to give you control and enable you to do this easily. Wolftech provides the hardware, software and distribution via cloud services. Together with our partners we can also deliver the whole end user experience.

Easy production

Wolftech Sports is easy to use and enables small production teams with less experience to handle the production. The interfaces are designed to be operated by a single person, who will be able to set up SDI sources, playlists, files, streams and other inputs. The video mixer gives access to image adjustments, remote camera operation, transitions and wipes.

Wolftech can deliver custom graphic overlays for different sports. Score keeping, timer, penalties and more is controlled by the user. Team names, player names and team setups can be imported and made available in the graphics engine.

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