Expand your presence. Reduce your costs.

Our flagship product is the Wolftech Live MediaRouter. This utilizies all the features in our Live MediaRouter Engine creating a flexible and powerful media router product for all kinds of scenarios. Live Streaming, file recording, graphics insertions and playout can all be achieved using Live MediaRouter.

Wolftech Live MediaRouter is a versatile live media stream routing server that will change the way you capture and deliver your media. It will let you quickly and easily expand your media presence while at the same time reducing costs.  

Complete control

The Live MediaRouter captures SD/HD quality streams over a network and delivers these to your media stream. The Live MediaRouter can play out, record or preview streams from low cost, high quality devices anywhere in the world, or capture live web streams from media contributors. The Live MediaRouter can play out SD/HD streams to SDI instantly, record the stream for later playback or restream to the network. The solution lets you control several Live MediaRouter servers, and all your media devices from a single application.

Grows with you

The innovative extensible architecture of the Live MediaRouter server will let you add more media devices and playout to more platform as our library of connectors and playouts grow.