Wolftech Production

Produce and stream with ease

Production crews are expensive and time consuming for smaller jobs. The production tool gives you simple set ups, remote control and multiple input and output formats to make content easily accessible for broadcast and other outputs.

Live at the flick of a Switch

The production tool in its simplest form will enable you to remotely operate high quality IP cameras for off site interviews, live speaks or other shots directly from MCR. With relatively low-cost fixed set ups at frequently used locations you can be live at the flick of a switch, with no technical personnel on site. Wolftech Production will remotely control all camera functionality, e.g. white balance, PTZ, focus and zoom. Image adjustment, graphics and more is done with our powerful software solution.

Advanced features

In one compact system, Wolftech Production provides a complete set of tools you can use to mix, add graphics, web stream and broadcast your production.

With the software you can produce and distribute live video programs from a variety of sources and digital media in both standard and high definition. Use multiple cameras, network video sources, recorded digital video, digital photos and graphics, control axis cameras, and much more.

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